Welcome to the Bronx Flavor experience. Over the past year and a half, it has been my mission as a Quaffer and Quester to research and document the true culinary face of New York's most sensuous borough. As much of the Big Apple continues to be overrun by velvet rope foodie fop houses and over-priced tourist luring theme parks, the Bronx presents a beckoning voice of seasoned reason. Around every soulful corner, untainted frontiers of opportunity await the adventurous epicure who doesn't require a manual to dictate where they should dine.

What is found on this website is a collection of my most satisfying and visceral adventures. There is passion, heartbreak, and of course... preposterousness! The primary intent is to give a pure unbiased flavor identity from renowned institutions to neighborhood hole-in-the-walls. I encourage you the viewer to not just enjoy the show but venture out and experience the Bronx full on. It is truly a land of mystery and romance.

Stay Preposterous,
Baron Ambrosia

Keep in mind that some of these locations featured on this website are more than just restaurants; they are living breathing phenomenons known to few outside of their immediate community. With this fact noted, some phone numbers and locations are subject to change so calling ahead before venturing is suggested.

Excerpt taken from wikipedia

Baron Ambrosia is the alter-ego of Bronx based underground filmmaker Justin Fornal. The character is a self-proclaimed 'quaffer of culinary consciousness' and travels around the world documenting lesser known cultures and cuisines. Baron Ambrosia first appeared in January 2007 in a podcast called Underbelly which was distributed through Libsyn (Liberated Syndication Media). The show reached a number #1 ranking under iTunes culinary podcasts.

After eight episodes the series ended yet was picked up and revised in Spring 2008 under the name Bronx Flavor on Channel 67 Bronxnet. The new series still captures the Baron's wild adventures yet focuses strictly on his adventures in the Bronx. Bronx Flavor also has a greatly raised production value as it is now done with a small budget and improved facilities. In both Underbelly and Bronx Flavor Fornal/Baron Ambrosia will involve local business owners, diners and passers in his outrageous comedic sketches. His improv is unique and brings a new flavor to Bronx television.

The show's following stems largely from its balance of education and humor. Each episode will usually begin with the Baron describing a particular ethnic community and then focus on a culinary specialty they prepare. The Baron will then hunt it down and get into any number of disastrous situations stemming from his obsessive personality and knack for over-indulgence. Baron Ambrosia is currently a spokesperson for Sony Vegas Pro editing software.

Bronx Flavor is a Bronxnet/Fornal Films Production

Written, directed and edited by
Justin Fornal

Produced by
Justin Fornal & Marcelo Mendez

Executive Producer
Michael Max Knobbe

Cinematography and Assistant Direction by
Joe Bly & Raymond Pagnucco

Original Score
Noah Goldberg

Web Stuff
Dave Chekan- Wizzard Media

Network Showtimes

In The Bronx

BronxNet Television
Sunday-6:30 PM
Tuesday- 9:30 PM
Thursday-11:00 PM
Cablevision: Chanel 67
Verizon Fios: Channel 33

Beyond the Bronx

NYC Life Television - Wednesday 9 PM
Late Night Showings at 12:30 AM on Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, & Friday Verizon Fios, Comcast, RCN, Time Warner Cable: Channel 25
Cablevision: Channel 22

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