What’s next? How movie distribution works in the film industry

movie-distribution-flowMovie distribution demystified

Film distribution can best be described as the process where one makes the movies available to the audience for viewing. The role of movie distribution is usually carried out by the film distributor who has the responsibility of coming up with the right and the important strategies for marketing. The film distributor has to come up with the various important skills that will give him the chance to understand the way forward as far as the issue of movie distribution and reaching the targeted market is concerned. He, therefore, has to identify the right media for an exhibition of this particular film to ensure that the distribution runs out successfully. There are various ways in which a movie can be availed to the viewers. The process can be conducted by directly presenting the movie to the viewers through the television and the theater. For the various commercial purposes, the film distribution will be accompanied by other aspects such as film promotion. This article aims at demystifying the issue of movie distribution and making it easy for you to understand.

Film distribution has taken a whole new level since individuals have come up with new ways of conducting various important strategies that aim at improving the way they handle business activities for marketing their films. There are a usually a lot of things that must be considered. The film distributor must identify the particular audience that the film is directed towards. He must ensure that he has come up with various important strategies that aim at improving the way he has been doing business. Some huge companies such as Hollywood will finance the whole process of distribution so as to ensure that the benefits have been realized. Distributing the films will at most times involve having to market the content to people so that you ensure that they are aware of the particular movie that you are about to give them. Social media marketing has turns out to be very competitive and people are able to realize the various best ways that they can use to access the films. Therefore, the film distributor will have the role of having to come up with the various important strategies to ensure that he has met the goals that he had in terms of trying to develop this particular industry.
What is the connection between film distribution and film promotion?
Film promotion and film distribution are related in various aspects. There are a lot of things that you should do to ensure that you have come up with important strategies that will help you in meeting the role of distributing your content successfully. Film promotion will enhance film distribution since people are going to look for the particular movie after it has been promoted. One of the most important aspects of film promotion that improve film distribution is the trailers. Trailers have helped a lot in giving people the urge to watch the particular movie hence the process of movie distribution will be successful and profitable too.

The Low Down on Film Promotion

Film promotion is the process of carrying out various strategies that aim at improving and promoting the film industry. The film promotion usually occurs within a coordination of various important film distribution processes. Sometimes this is referred to as film junket and it will generally include the advertising campaigns, media and merchandising, interviews, and other press releases. The various important promotions are conducted by involving various important individuals like the directors and the actors.
film promotion exampleFilm promotion has undoubtedly brought a whole new revolution in the field of film and this has made the industries to make a lot of progress and they have been able to come up with various important strategies that will help them in coming up with some important deals that will give them various difficulties as they conduct their activities. A lot of film industries will go ahead and invest heavily on various expensive online marketing campaigns that will help in the maximization of the revenue very early in the release cycle. The marketing budgets will be almost half the budget of production. The exhibitors and the distributors are usually involved in handling the various issues of publicity.
One of the major mainstays of film promotion is the trailers. This is because the trailers are usually delivered to the movie goers and hence they are able to carry out various important procedures that aim at carrying out various important strategies for improving film promotion and giving the industry a chance to improve the various undertakings that they could be having. The trailers are captivating and the narrators are also able to attract the attention of the individuals who will be watching the movie at that particular time. Therefore, after watching the trailers, people become interested in learning various aspects that are related to the movies and this will help them in coming up with various important strategies that will lead to an improvement in the various ways that they are able to handle their working capabilities. The field of film production is quite sensitive since viewers all around the world are always looking forward to coming up with various important strategies that will help them in having fun. These advantages shall only be realized if they are able to carry out various important strategies of promoting the film industry completely. The trailers will give a maximum appeal and people will definitely purchase the film after its production.
Spend on movie promotion
For you to realize various important benefits from movie promotions, you must be ready to spend a lot in trying to improve the way you handle various strategies of promoting your work by intensively financing them. Hollywood is one of the movie production Companies that will spend a lot of money trying to ensure that they have carried out various important procedures that aim at improving their company through advertisements. The statistics have indicated that this Company would spend at least $4 billion every year for purchasing paid advertisements, newspaper advertisements, and the TV commercials.

Ultimate Press Junket Interviewer

The press junket is something that every leading actor must endure for the promotion of a major motion picture. Some actors are happy to travel from city to city answering the same questions over and over again. Others find the monotony and schedule to be too demanding. When an actor reaches their breaking point in a press junket it can be particularly dangerous because there are cameras ready to record every move. Over the years, some of the world’s most talented actors have made interview magic on their press junket. Sometimes the moment occurs in front of a studio audience of a late night talk show. However, the most memorable moments occur when the actor forgets the potential audience and is alone with only himself and the interviewer. Below we will show some of the most memorable press junket fails in recent memory. These are occasions when the actor either had a witty comeback to a bad question or when tempers suddenly flared. We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

Gordon Keith gives a hysterical interview with comedian Zach Galifianakis in this clip. We’re unsure whether Zach understood completely that Gordon was just joking with his questions. It is clear, however, that his segment made a huge impact on Zach. Later, he would begin his segment called “Between Two Ferns” which stole the model of an out of his mind interviewer. “Between Two Ferns” went so far as to interview President Obama.

Gordon Keith has interviewed dozens of other actors in similar style but none seem to capture the magic of this first Zach Galifianakis interview.

Do 3D Ultrasound Risks Matter?

Understanding 3d ultrasound risks are of the utmost importance in order for parents to be fully armed with enough information to make a well-educated decision before having this procedure done. Having three-dimensional images that expose greatly detailed development of a baby at different stages of its growth is just plain awesome. Being able to start building a scrapbook of a person’s life, beginning before the day they were born can be very sentimental and heartwarming for expecting parents as well as older parents and grandparents that have already raised their children. But are these pictures worth the risk?

It is not common practice in the medical field to recommend having this procedure done simply for the sake of obtaining pictures to show off and add to your child’s growing photo album and family T-shirts. If the images were taken simply through the use of a traditional camera or cell phone that pose no harm to the baby there would be no need to discuss this very sensitive matter. But as it stands, the US (FDA) Food and Drug Administration alongside the Mayo Clinic have discovered dangers associated with how these images are obtained. Though the ultrasounds are being performed legally, studies are ongoing and the doctors and other trained professionals are being watched very carefully.

Standards have been set in place by the FDA that mandates the levels of radiation used in the performance of the procedure. These standards were extremely necessary due to the fact that the equipment used for the imaging emits a level of heat that can possibly damage the fetus’s tissue through a rapid rise in temperature if not handled properly. Repeated exposure is especially not recommended, i.e. exposure at each stage of the fetus to birth.

The safest route to take in regards to ultrasounds is strictly under doctor’s orders which will minimize the risks by limiting the exposure to only situations where the licensed medical authority has determined that a potential birth defect or other important health issues may exist. In which case, the use of an ultrasound would help prove or disprove the assumption.

Licensed Sonographers are recommended for expecting mothers and only for medical reasons. Many establishments have set up shop for the sole purpose of providing mothers with 3D images of their unborn babies. It is quite disturbing that many of the individual employees that staff these establishments lack the medical training and licensing required to make sense of the results nor advise mothers medically if problems arise. This is not to say that all of these establishments are untrained or unlicensed.

Medical advice should always be sought from your doctor regarding all health matters concerning your children, unborn or born as well as your own health and well-being to prevent being misled and highly uninformed. Your baby’s health is of extreme importance as is yours, especially while the baby is still in the womb.

Please take the time to ask questions from your medical provider and consider all risks.

Locating the Best Chiropractic Companies in NYC

If your back is out of alignment, something that may have been caused by lifting something improperly, it may inhibit your ability to function, forcing you to find a chiropractor. These are doctors that are skilled in the manipulation of the spine, allowing you to get functionality back by repositioning vertebrae so that you will be able to get back to normal. If you are in New York City, there are several different chiropractors that operate in the city, some of which are exceptionally good. To do the research necessary to find the best ones, you will have to start searching the web for chiropractic companies in NYC.

How Chiropractors Can Help You
In contrast to a regular medical Doctor who will likely prescribe anti-inflammatories to affect a change in the muscles that are spasming, the underlying problem is actually a misalignment of your spine leading to an overcompensation which stresses the muscles. By realigning the spine using various techniques, they can, over a period of several days, get things back to normal. In the same way that you would take an antibiotic for a period of several days or weeks in order to fully treat the problem you are facing, the same is true with all chiropractic procedures.

Finding the Best Chiropractor In New York City
When you do your search on the Internet for chiropractic companies in NYC, you will likely find many that show up in the top listings. Some of them will have excellent feedback already posted on their website from customers that have used them before, or you can look at Yelp page for reviews of local businesses. Sometimes the information posted on review sites is more accurate as it will present both good and bad comments. The ones that have the most positive comments, and also the least amount of negative feedback, are the ones that you will want to use for your situation.

Choosing The Best Chiropractor
Once you have done the research, it will be clear which companies are actually in your top three choices. It is recommended that you contact these companies in New York City to see which one has the next available opening, and choose one based on the prices that they charge and how quickly they can get you in. Sometimes they are very busy, booked out by several weeks due to the sheer volume of people that live in New York City. This is why doing research immediately is always recommended when you have injured yourself in a way that will require chiropractic services.

Once you have had an appointment, you will start to understand how they work and you may feel better at least initially. It is common to not feel completely cured or healed from the treatment that you will receive, and you may actually feel additional pain. The realignment process can take some time, but after the first few appointments, you should have no problem at all determining that positive changes are occurring courtesy of a chiropractor in the New York City area.

Tips On How To Setup An Office Space

Setting up an office space does not have to be a challenge. Instead, it is a space that should be functional for the job that is at hand and allows people to keep an eye on their surroundings as well. This is when people should use some tips on how to establish their space and know it is going to work for what they need it to do, rather than having to be worried about space not suiting their needs at all. Without this, people may have problems in getting their office set up properly.

The computer is part of the central part of any of the modern office. Since this is such a central part of the modern office, it should be placed where it is going to be useful for people to use and know they can finally look at the screen without having to look around. Without this, people may have some problems in getting to set their computer up properly or even worse have issues in getting anything done because when someone is in the office they are constantly turned away from the work they are trying to complete on the computer.

Monitoring the doorway to the indiegrove office is something else people tend to want to do. So they will want to try to position everything in the office so it is going to be easy for them to look at the doorway. However, people will also want to make sure they have everything positioned so they cannot be peered upon by the boss that always seems to wonder by the door as soon as people take a break because they just finished working on their latest analysis of the report that was given to them earlier in the day.

Ease of getting around on the desk is something else which people will want to have their office set up for. While most people think they will feel a little boxed in if they have all their items right at their hand, it is important to make sure the desk is organized and that everything is easy to get to. This will help increase productivity, but for some people, it never fails that they just get comfortable in their seat when they have to get up to get something. With everything being close by, though, people will be able to easily get the items they need to reach out to all the time.

Getting hired to a new job or just transferring to a new office space in the old job can be exciting. However, people need to make sure they know how to set up their space properly. Once people know how to do this, it will be easy for them to get their office set up like they want it to be and know they can finally get the production they need to have completed and not have to be concerned about their office not being set up to help them.

Reasons To Wear Compression Leggings

compression leggings

One of the more popular articles of clothing that women will wear is called compression leggings. These are made by many different companies including Under Armour, Nike, Enerskin, and Adidas to name a few. These leggings are also referred to as compression tights, and they are skin tight when you wear them. It will emphasize all of your muscles, buttocks, thighs, and will also show off your calf muscles if you are wearing the longer versions. They come in different sizes including Capris, or long tights, and can be purchased online or at your local sporting goods store. The prices will range from $30 to $60, depending on which company you buy them from. Here are reasons that you should consider wearing compression leggings and where you can get them at the lowest price.

Why Women Where These

There are a couple of different reasons that women will decide to have his clothing. First of all, for those that are in phenomenal shape, people will take a second look every time you walk by. It is form-fitting, as if you were not wearing any clothing at all, but they are much more than clothing that is designed to attract attention. Just like all compression garments, they are going to fit tightly on your body which will increase the blood flow to your muscles. If you are wearing these when you workout, your muscles will get more oxygen and nutrients, which will help build muscle faster and also recovery times will be much shorter.

What Do You Wear With Compression Leggings?

Due to the popularity of this type of clothing, and how it has become accepted by most people, you can wear these with basically anything. It doesn’t matter what type of time that you wear, or shoes, as they can be used for many different outfits. It is not recommended that you where this would address as that would look ridiculous, but these are perfect for working out either outside or inside. You will be able to increase your overall body temperature, best increasing your metabolism, forcing the mitochondria to burn more, hydrates, helping you to lose weight.

Best Deals On These Compression Garments

If you do go to a local store, it is likely you will take advantage of special deals that they have certain times of the year. If you have a store card, you can build up points which you can use to sometimes get them for free, or any significant discount. If you are on their mailing list, they will send you coupons and promo codes from time to time, which you can use to buy your next pair of leggings. However, if you already know your size, there is no reason at all that you should not go to a nationwide sporting goods store and order either compression capris or compression leggings, especially those that help you look your best.

Though these are regarded as a fashion statement above and beyond clothing that can actually provide a medical benefit, they do provide both. Your legs will always be warm, and if you are exercising, you will notice that you will be able to exercise for a longer time, and your legs will recover so much more quickly, simply because of how tight fitting these compression garments will be on your legs.

Massage Therapy: What Are The Benefits?

Massage has been around for thousands of years. Evidence of massage has been found in ancient Egypt, China, Japan, and India. As defined, it is the scientific manipulation of muscles and the body’s soft tissues to promote wellness and treat injuries. Not only does it feel nice, but massage therapy can help with many health conditions.

In order to perform a massage, the Selah Bodyworks therapist uses most parts of their arm. Not only do they use their hands, but they also use the fingers, forearms, and elbows. Some even use their feet.

Depending on the type of massage and the therapist, some use various lotions or oils. Some use special tables or chairs to best treat their patients.

While the term “massage therapy” is often used, it actually includes many different techniques and the type of massage that is performed is based on the patient’s needs and their current physical condition. One example is Swedish massage. In this technique, the therapist uses long strokes, deep circular movements, along with both vibration and tapping. Another from is sports massage. This is a combination of both deep tissue and Swedish massage. The goal is to release muscle tension and the actual massage is adapted based on the athlete’s needs. Prenatal massage is a massage that is geared towards pregnant women.

As you desire to have a massage, there are several ways that you can find a reputable therapist. One way is to talk with family and friends. Many times they can share their recommendations of using a local therapist. You can also do a quick search online. Do a search for reputable massage therapists in your area. When you find them, read reviews and find out what previous patients have to say about the therapists you find.
massage therapy
Once you feel comfortable making an appointment, contact the therapist. Talk with them about the reason for the massage and find out what they recommend. They may want to visit with you before making a recommendation or maybe just talking with you over the phone can help.

As you go for your massage, it is important that you feel comfortable. Some therapists will want you to wear a robe. Some prefer you under a sheet. Others may request something else. It is important, however, that you let the therapist know if you ever feel uncomfortable. It isn’t easy to enjoy the benefits of the massage if you aren’t feeling totally relaxed.

When the massage is over, you may be a bit tired. Also, it is typically recommended that you drink a lot of water afterward. This will help you re-hydrate after a relaxing experience.

In conclusion, massage therapy is a great option for many reasons. This manipulation technique has been around for thousands of years and will likely be around for thousands more. If you are looking for a nice relaxing experience that helps your well-being and your physical state, you should find a great massage therapist that is able to help.

An Experienced Criminal Appeals Attorney Is The Way To Go

Let me tell you how important the criminal appeals process is because I have a story that touched my life personally. It was not my criminal court case, but I was a witness, and my best friend happened to be protecting me and was charged with criminal assault. It was the weapon that was used that made it look like assault instead of self-defense. The guy that jumped me was older, and he had me on the ground. It scared my best friend, so he grabbed a tire iron out of the car. He didn’t know that I had called the police.

criminal appeals attorneyLet’s just say this turned into a conviction, and by the way, my friend had a public defender. He was a good attorney, but this was a tough case. After one appeal, my friend was still guilty. It took the second appeal, but he was able to be acquitted. Now, I ask you: If he had a more reputable criminal appeal attorney into of the juvenile court’s public defender, do you think he would have ever been found guilty in the first place? We’ll never know.

That’s why you should really pay attention to the criminal appeals process, and you definitely need a good criminal appeals attorney for that process. When my friend was appealing his conviction, we’ve already established his case may have had a different outcome in the first place or on the first appeal if he had a paid attorney. Well, if he were to look for a criminal appeals attorney, one thing he would have wanted to know is the experience in the trial court that attorneys had and if any of it was related to self-defense cases.

That’s pretty specific, and if you can find a boston lawyer that can help you based on such specific criteria, then that’s great. Overall, you want to find the lawyer with the most experience related to the type of criminal case you have. It was an assault case in general form, so would there have been an experienced lawyer in the area that knew much about assault cases? Yes, of course, there would have been.

Is a loved one of yours facing a case in criminal appeals court? They way an attorney carries out an appeal is crucial because a conviction has already occurred. The lawyer needs to have quite of a bit of experience in appellate court in general. In a case like my friend’s, there was so much work to do, especially when it came to preparing witnesses. The second most important aspect of the case was a presentation, as my friend’s guilt or innocence verdict depended highly upon how the jury felt about the way he acted out.

Was it in self-defense or was it a criminal act? In the end, he was off the hook, but that conviction had already changed his life. If you have a serious case like that on your hands, get the help you need to win.

Best Sources For Sushi Catering NYC Businesses

If you are planning a party for your office or one for family members, it’s sometimes good to use a professional sushi chef or caterer. One of the more popular types of catering services, especially in New York City, is to get one that does sushi. Not everyone actually likes this particular type of food, but if you happen to be friends with multiple people that absolutely love this Japanese-style of fish, you can certainly find a sushi catering NYC business that can make your job so much easier.

sushi catering nyc

Finding Sushi Catering Services

There are two types of companies that you will find that offer catering services that can provide sushi at the event. There are extremely large businesses that cater all over the city, and they will likely have people in their company that are able to do sushi if that is what is requested. Another choice is to use a catering service that specializes in sushi, like Sushi Event Professionals,  and this is probably where you will get the best and result. If this is all they do, they will likely be able to provide the sushi in such a way that everyone will be happy, and it may also save you money by using one of these specialty services.

How To Set Up The Event

Once you have found a few companies that can offer this service, you will then want to schedule the event. It is very important to know before you hire any of them if they will be available on the day that you need them. This will actually help you eliminate most of the companies because they are so busy in the New York City area. This is why it is so important to do this research as early as possible so that they can schedule you in, and provide you with the service at your home or office location.

Finding Promo Codes And Coupons

As with any business that is in competition with others, catering services are going to offer special deals in order to motivate you to use their business. The promo codes that you find online can be used when you are placing your order, or you could get coupons sent to you in the mail. They are also available when you find their advertising on the Internet on different websites, and may also be available by cutting them out from the local paper. By spending a few minutes to look for companies that are offering this type of promotion, you can save quite a bit of money. Best of all, some of these companies may be the best sushi catering NYC business that is available, and this will make your research all the more worthwhile.

Sushi is a very popular item that people like to consume. It must be done appropriately, and presented in a professional manner on some occasions, and that’s why you need to contact these professionals. They will make it very easy for you to choose exactly what you want for the party, and then they will schedule a time to come out. They can make the difference between a get together that is just average, and one that will be memorable because of the quality sushi that will be provided at this event that you are planning.

How New Jersey Films Use SEO For Promotion

online film promotion

Famous New Jersey native and director, Kevin Smith, uses a particular type of online marketing to ensure people know of his upcoming films; this technique is called search engine optimization, or SEO.

Creating a supreme local SEO campaign in New Jersey and elsewhere is not that difficult to do, and in fact, there are more tools available now than there has ever been. SEO stands for search engine optimization, which heretofore has been used to utilize and manipulate the way a website is constructed in order to please Google for NJ search terms and rank well in the search engine world.

Now other factors enter into the picture and they serve to enhance the SEO applications that are used to build up the entire picture, so the final result is a much more potent and effective campaign because we can bring many factors to bear from the digital marketing disciplines. Some of the other factors include H tags, meta descriptions, and local citations. An SEO New Jersey company will include tags about what parts of the state they are in, including the Jersey Shore, Princeton, or Montclair.

search engine optimization train

So the term SEO is more encompassing now because it really goes beyond just the mechanical setup of one website by bringing in other disciplines such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, blogging and mobile marketing.

Take Facebook for example. There are over 1 billion who regularly use Facebook on a regular basis. Yes, that is billion with a “b”. Facebook is where people talk about your NJ business and become engaged with you about it. If they like you and what you are talking about with them, the result can literally revolutionize a business.

The same concept holds true with Twitter as it is also a dynamic platform where people talk and converse about different things, so why not let them start and enter conversations about your New Jersey business.

The objective in making these platforms work in a local NJ market is to simply emphasize that fact, that this product or this particular service is available at such and such and address at these times, so here is what you get today. Specials, contests, and New Jersey deals are what gets the customers excited, and this is relatively easy to do in the local market.

The website is the foundation of the effort, and the Facebook page and the Twitter account is the engine that drives the interest to the things about the product that the people want. For example, if you have an NJ pizza store, you will want everyone in town to know about you, and if you have a particularly tasty pizza recipe, you especially want people coming into your store to try your New Jersey pizza.

So with your Facebook and Twitter conversations, you can make an offer to people that they cannot refuse. Just offer everyone who comes into the store one slice of free pizza. That is bound to generate some interest and bring people in. The flexibility of having a conversation through the Facebook platform drives people to your website where you can have a coupon that they can scan or print for their free NJ pizza.

In a sense, having a triple play of your website, well optimized for the search engines, and your Facebook page, driving New Jersians to your website and to your store for their free pizza, and then having everyone talking about it on Twitter is a winning combination. All of this takes a little work, but it is worth it, as you want to get your local community to support you, so include them in all that you do.

Why Press Junkets Are Exhausting But Worth the Effort

Creating something new and great, whether it’s a movie, a book, or a nifty electronic gadget, is an exhausting process. The creation itself is just the beginning of the work, though! People must be informed of a new product’s existence if it’s going to succeed. While spreading the word is the job of marketing professionals, they often enlist the help of a new product’s creators to get the job done. This frequently takes the form of a press junket; here’s how it works.
The Junket Defined

A press junket is simply a massively organized promotional effort designed to increase awareness of a new product, usually (but not always) a media product like a film or book. Key figures in the creative process — writers, actors, directors, producers, and so on — are brought together with as many journalists and media figures as possible to promote their new work.

Junkets often involve travel on a national or international scale, and they can go on for weeks or even months for particularly large products. Stars and creators can expect to criss-cross the globe at the behest of their PR specialists and distributors, making appearances on countless different media outlets and meeting hundreds, if not thousands, of reporters. The experience can be grueling, but it’s often a vital part of spreading the word and building a satisfactory audience.

Industries That Make Use Of Press Junkets

Obviously, press junkets are a particularly vital tool within the media industry itself. The release of a new movie makes a press junket practically required for all but the smallest of independent film productions. The publishing industry is another field where the press junket is a standard feature of promotion. Authors who succeed in having a book published can expect to spend some time on the road promoting it. Even television shows frequently put on press junkets to ensure they grab attention.

The press junket is a suitable promotional tool for other kinds of products as well. This includes both emerging media products like video games and also physical consumer goods. Electronics are often marketed with small-scale press junkets to help them stand out from their competition, especially when a manufacturer has something truly new and noteworthy to offer consumers.
Digital-Age Junkets

One might think that the rise of Internet communications would make press junkets easier. It’s true that the ability to speak with reporters and other media figures remotely (via video, instant messaging, chat room appearances, podcasts, etc) reduces some of the stress placed on press junketeers by cutting down on their travel time. The flip side to this coin is that online junketing gives marketers access to a vastly increased number of media outlets, resulting in an even busier schedule of interviews and appearances for those booked on press junkets. This extra effort is well worth making, though. Savvy digital integration can dramatically extend a press junket’s reach and bring in far more attention.
Although press junkets are often a trying experience for the creators involved in them, they remain a powerful marketing tool that gets results. As podcasts and online appearances join the ranks of traditional junket destinations like chat shows and press conferences, the workload on a press junket gets even heavier. The sheer amount of exposure generated by a good press junket makes it all worthwhile, though.

How To Keep Up With Theatrical Trailers and How to Make Them Work

Movies are all about the marketing. The marketing can make or break a movie at the box office. If there haven’t been enough eyes on trailers and other ads leading up to the release, there might not be enough ticket sales, leaving the studio at a loss. Since most movies take several million to produce – sometimes several hundred million in the case of huge blockbusters – it can be incredibly difficult for a lot of them to actually turn a profit without good marketing. As such, there tends to be a heavy focus on theatrical trailers.

If you’re a movie buff, this is equally as good as it is bad. There are tons and tons of trailers floating around. If you’re the type to follow tiny little leaks of footage here and there, you’ll soon find out there are usually several different versions of each movies’ trailer. There are usually several different teasers, at least two or three official theatrical trailers, and then a multitude of international trailers and TV commercials as well. When it comes to big releases – or maybe even smaller works by well renown auteurs – it’s usually in the best interest of movie fans to keep track with trailers to see what they’re in for.

Think about it. You’re a huge Star Wars fan, and you just can’t wait to see footage from some of the upcoming sequel and anthology films being released by Disney. There are going to be plenty of official sources providing the corresponding trailers, but unfortunately, there is a multitude of unofficial third parties copying those trailers and then posting them on their own websites, blogs, social networking, and video sharing profiles in hopes of receiving the ad revenue themselves. Sometimes trailers screened only for a private crowd such as special previews shown at San Diego Comic-Con end up recorded on cell phones at horrible angles and uploaded for similar purposes.

So, given the wealth of unofficial sources putting out poor quality pirated copies of movies – as well as comedy groups sneaking out strange parody versions that do little more than frustrate if you’re looking for something legitimate – it begs the question of where you need to go if you want to make sure you’re getting high quality, official releases that are actually worth your time. There are at least a small handful of tips that you might want to keep close to your chest. Try the following!

First of all, check out the website reddit.com. It’s a news aggregate of sorts, where all manner of links is shared by its user base. There is a movie subform there that you’ll be subscribed to by default. If you check it every day, you’ll see the official links to all sorts of movies shared each day. Outside of that, you should look up the official channels of your favorite movie studios on Youtube. A verified check mark will appear next to the channel name, and there you can subscribe to them for future updates. If you do that, you’ll always be caught up on all of the latest movie trailers, complete with the best quality around.